What is FORM?

Form includes one teaching day each week along with a day of internship in an area of the church . Each day you will join in morning prayers with the church staff team. The teaching day includes a morning of teaching delivered by the Form team and occasional guest speakers. Then, following lunch we have an Encounter God hour, which can take many different interactive forms and allows space for interns to connect with God and respond to what may have come out of that day's teaching. We finish the day by breaking into huddles, which are smaller groups of interns led by a member of the Form team. Huddle is a place to discuss and process what God is saying and what you're going to do about it.

Internship Placement

After the first few weeks of Form each intern will be placed in an internship. The internship will be a balance of stepping out in leadership, being discipled by someone further along on the journey and seeing transformation through mission in the context you are called to. Alongside the internship you will also be expected to get involved in the life of the church you attend through serving and joining a community.

When does FORM run?

Form runs from the second week of September to the end of June. During the year we have two weekends away - one in the autumn and one at the end of the Form year. We also go on mission trip in the springtime for a week, which is a great opportunity to put into practice what you have learned throughout the year.

What about the rest of the week?

Outside of Form most interns choose to get a part time job, which is strongly encouraged. Form is designed so that interns can immerse themselves in a part time job outside of Form to learn responsibility with money and put into practice what you're learning at Form in another context.

Where will I live?

Whilst doing Form, interns usually either live in shared houses or with a family. If you live in a shared house, you will be family together, putting in place values and expectations of the house. If you are living with a family, the expectation will be for you to be family with your hosts, which may include regularly eating with them, being involved in their regular rhythms whether that is praying each morning or reading the Bible together in the evening, or helping with the cleaning.

Please read through the other sections of the website to find out more information about the year.