Hello from the Form Ipswich Interns

We are Becky and Dan Luetchford, the Ipswich interns of this year’s Form. What we have enjoyed about Form so far is how it is prepping us for our future adventures.....

“I’m doing Form for 3 months before I go to Canada in January to join Soul Edge, and although I’m only here for a short time I have learned a lot about who God is and my own identity, which has given me a good foundation for what I’ll learn in Canada, in a close-knit Christian community” – Dan.

Form has pushed us out of our comfort zone whilst being surrounded by a supportive and encouraging team – Shout out to Claire Earl!

Dan, Claire (Form Ipswich leader) and Becky

Dan, Claire (Form Ipswich leader) and Becky

“I was thrown into the deep end leading the worship band when the regular worship leaders came down with a sickness bug – something that a few months ago would have terrified me but with less than 24 hours to prepare, I led the service and felt confident thanks to the amazing support network and high challenge atmosphere of Form” – Becky.

The teaching has really opened our eyes to new ways of processing situations and applying scripture and the truth of God to those times. We are able to weed out the lies and replace them with truths to carry with us this year and beyond. Form is a family and in these short months we already feel a part of something bigger not only in our church but throughout the country where we have met and began journeying with other Form interns.

What is particularly exciting is how God has united us both in our vision to one day open a café. Dan is a baker and Becky is a coffee enthusiast and we want to get alongside vulnerable people in our community and give them work experience to get them back on their feet. We are both so excited to see where God takes this and how he’s going to use us. So be sure to pop down to Ipswich for a coffee once 50% of us has returned from overseas!

We would love you to pray for us as Dan heads to Canada; for patience and understanding living with a large group of people, and for Becky, pray for confidence as she faces Form alone.

All of our Ipswich Love,

The (non-married) Luetchfords

Josh Cutting