Wow! What a Year!

As I scroll through the past few months of the FORM Network Facebook feed, I’m reminded with every post and picture I see of how God has moved in each of us this year. God has been so graciously loving and persistent in our lives. All of the Formees can confidently say that God has done so, so much this year; more than any of us had expected. We all know and appreciate that FORM is a stepping stone into a joy-filled future of running after the kingdom in whatever ways God calls us.

This past weekend we had the FORM weekend away and it was a great opportunity for all of us to really see and hear how God has radically transformed each of our lives in just these short ten months. We laughed, we cried, and we sang praises together. Sometimes all at the same time! FORM is an amazing way of meeting and growing closer with people in your heavenly family. And we have done just that this past year. 


During our time away we had a chance to listen to everyone’s testimonies. For me, that was the most incredible part! We all had a FORM prayer that we spoke out in front of everyone on the first weekend away. Jesus heard our cries for healing and our want and need for change, and answered them in more ways than we could’ve ever expected. As each person shared their testimony it was so beautiful to see how their demeanour changed as they spoke the new life over themselves that Jesus had given them.

While on the weekend away we also saw someone make one of the most important decisions of their life in getting baptised. Jason made the courageous decision to step out in faith and invite Jesus into his life by saying I’m dying to what society has for me and living again for what God has for me! It was an amazing moment to be a part of!

Then the goodbyes. For many of us we will be moving on to new things and different countries but one thing that will remain is our fire and passion to see God’s kingdom move. It was also exciting to leave because we know that God is going to use us in ways we can’t even comprehend yet and all of us can’t wait to hit the ground running after the Kingdom.

Just before we left Josh spoke on how FORM is not for just this moment, it’s built for the next 50/60 years even of our life. This is our lives now! We get to live in the freedom knowing that our Father’s Kingdom is near, and He is calling us closer to Him with every step that we take. I cannot wait to see where God is going to lead each of us. So without further adieu #giveayear!


Written by Hyland Dill

Josh Cutting