Form February Update

A few weeks ago it was half term in Sheffield, which meant a day off, brunch at the Cuttings house and cuddles with someone very special. Half term is a great chance to rest, catch up on reading and look back on a very busy and fulfilling couple of months at the start of this year.  This has included a trip down to Cambridge, an Encounter God weekend, more amazing teaching from the Form team, and most excitingly welcoming a new member into the Form family.

Being the young hormone filled bunch that we are, the powers that be thought it best to ship us off to Cambridge for ‘The Talk’ and like all good parents they were too embarrassed to do it themselves so palmed the job off to someone else, luckily for us that someone else was Sean Doherty. (I am joking, here on Form the leaders are more than open to talking about the real-life hard-hitting subjects that we all deal with on a day to day basis #pluggingformhard). Sean gave an amazingly engaging talk on the power and beauty of sex, bringing a fresh perspective to a topic that has often been poorly dealt with by the church.

Cambridge network day.jpg

Cambridge was a great opportunity to catch up with our fellow interns from around the country and it wasn’t long until we were all back together again in Sheffield for the Encounter God weekend. Unsurprisingly Encounter God weekend is a weekend where we encountered God, and through this we try and deal with some of life’s hurts. The weekend’s teaching was led by Nikki and Jem Williams who helped us see ourselves the way God does, as his masterpiece.  The weekend also included worship and prayer ministry where chains were broken, and wounds were healed.

It has been an intense start to the year with many difficult moments, but they have all been put into perspective by the arrival of the beautiful Tabatha Anne Cutting on the 22nd January. It is always a pleasure to welcome another of God’s masterpieces into the world and we are so excited to see what God does through her life, but for now we are more than content with cuddles on the sofa on our day off.


Greg Dunn

Form Sheffield

Josh Cutting